About Us

The house was originally built in 1988 by the owners Jim & Cindy Bischoff. The main shell of the house is constructed of cypress logs from the swamps of Florida. The interior has exposed oak beams that were harvested right off the building site. The couple took on the project of construction themselves including the majority of physical labor. Jim maintains the landscaping while Cindy tends to the inside decor resulting in beauty both inside and out.

In 2003 after raising two boys the couple thought of the idea of opening a bed & breakfast along with private dining. Family and friends told them, "if you build it, people will come". A year later it became a reality again the couple took on yet another project of adding a wing on along with renovation to the existing house.

Unfortunately at that same time Jim's Mary Helen mother became ill and later passed away. Having not come up with a name for our establishment their was no doubt what it would be called Mary Helen's as a tribute to a wonderful person. She was an inspiration to all, especially her 9 boys and husband Robert. She was absolutely selfless and dedicated life toward loving her children and grandchildren. Also we couldn't forget her other passion; pleasing us with tasteful recipes.

In the final year of completion yet another blow with the passing of Cindy's mother. We did not come up with names for our rooms yet, there was no doubt that one of the rooms should be called Leona Jo's as a tribute to Leona Jo Coyle. As for the other room that came from Cindy's dad's middle name as well as our son, Dewey. Since that room's decor was of the western theme hence the name Dewey's Outpost. After six long years of hard work accompanied with a mountain of paperwork and permits to be finalized, Mary Helen's finally open for service in October, 2010.


Mary Helen Bischoff

Leona Jo Coyle